Bundle workshop – Introduction to vvvv VideoFX compositing - Tips and missing parts

I am a beginner, but for those who watch this workshop of Maria Heine

The next informations will be usefull, because they are missing in the course in the node institute :

  • the github directory is : https://github.com/mariaheine/vvvv-texturefx-workshops

  • the command line for instal the nuget is : nuget install VL.MediaFoundation -pre

  • You will not have access (in january 2021) to the version 2020.3 preview used. So use the last version you must configure.

  • You need to activate VL.Stride (in gamma 2021.3) (Dependencies / VL Nuget / VL.Stride → square)

  • and if you have not « gradient » or “Noise” node with Stride around 50 minutes of video (i don’t know why, but i haven’t (in gamma 2020.3 or in gamma 2021.3) remember that “SkiaTexture” node make a bridge between Skia and Stride, so you can use « Linear Gradient » with a bunch of node to use it with RendererWindow (see jpg below)

I have not finish this workshop so far, so i will keep my tips under this post.

PS. if you are an admin, can you implement those missing informations into the Course in The Node Institute please ?

Have a nice day.

(I’m not editing my previous post)

So, i’ve just discover one huge informations :

" Gradient " node is available in gamma 2021.3 !! (ColorRamp, and noise’s node too !)

You have to check " Include Futur Potential Node " in your node explorer (red in jpg below)screen2

Cheers ;)

Cool! Thanks Jerome33. I have added a link to this post on the course page. If you find any other missing ressources please let me know.

I also can’t find the PBRmaterial they are using at 1:35:17

EDIT: resolved doing FileTexture -> ColorMap -> PBRMaterial (metallic)


Hi, I cant find noiseType either. How could I find the node?

Make sure to tick the Include potential future nodes (Experimental) “checkbox” in the node browser:


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I cant find ColorRamp on the current version of vvvv gamma (2021.4.6)… Has it been renamed?

yes, it is now called MapColor.


Thank you joreg!
Unfortunately there are more missing nodes mentioned in the workshop like “SimpleBloom”, “Stripes” and “UVOffset”…
Instead of asking for every single node I can’t find anymore because it has been renamed or removed during the development - is there some place where it has been documented which nodes have been removed/renamed or replaced and why?

The further i go into the workshop the more questions are arising - for example the Blur node is working completely differently than in the workshop - I can’t put in a Control: Texture - I can only control it via a “GPU”. How do I connect these?

Thank you!

i’m afraid this is because we’ve completely reworked the TextureFX category since the recording of this workshop. back then those nodes were marked as “Experimental” meaning they had a chance of being reworked/removed, which happened. so there is no SimpleBloom (probly a Glow is similar?) and there is no replacement for the Stripes yet. But UVOffset is now Displace.

you can use a ColorMap or ValueMap that both convert textures to GPU<>.

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thank you for explaining! I think the workshops from the NODE2020 are really helpful to get started with vvvv gamma (because there are not many tutorials for gamma elsewhere) so I think they have a great value still!

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