Bundle workshop – Introduction to vvvv VideoFX compositing - Tips and missing parts

I am a beginner, but for those who watch this workshop of Maria Heine

The next informations will be usefull, because they are missing in the course in the node institute :

  • the github directory is :

  • the command line for instal the nuget is : nuget install VL.MediaFoundation -pre

  • You will not have access (in january 2021) to the version 2020.3 preview used. So use the last version you must configure.

  • You need to activate VL.Stride (in gamma 2021.3) (Dependencies / VL Nuget / VL.Stride → square)

  • and if you have not « gradient » or “Noise” node with Stride around 50 minutes of video (i don’t know why, but i haven’t (in gamma 2020.3 or in gamma 2021.3) remember that “SkiaTexture” node make a bridge between Skia and Stride, so you can use « Linear Gradient » with a bunch of node to use it with RendererWindow (see jpg below)

I have not finish this workshop so far, so i will keep my tips under this post.

PS. if you are an admin, can you implement those missing informations into the Course in The Node Institute please ?

Have a nice day.

(I’m not editing my previous post)

So, i’ve just discover one huge informations :

" Gradient " node is available in gamma 2021.3 !! (ColorRamp, and noise’s node too !)

You have to check " Include Futur Potential Node " in your node explorer (red in jpg below)screen2

Cheers ;)

Cool! Thanks Jerome33. I have added a link to this post on the course page. If you find any other missing ressources please let me know.

I also can’t find the PBRmaterial they are using at 1:35:17

EDIT: resolved doing FileTexture -> ColorMap -> PBRMaterial (metallic)


Hi, I cant find noiseType either. How could I find the node?

Make sure to tick the Include potential future nodes (Experimental) “checkbox” in the node browser:


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