BUG DX11 Text cropping/clipping fonts with large sizes

Only tested in 45beta34.2

  1. Create a Text DX11.Layer node.
  2. Press F11 to open help patch.
  3. Change the size pin on the text node to 825

You can see clipping/cropping on the text.

I’ve tried and tried lots of things to fix it and cant.

Anyone got a quick fixes for this?


Not really a vvvv bug, but microsoft dealing with fonts like that, it was discussed already, the workaround only to scale the font, or try text advanced node

I tried the advanced node, same result.

I can’t use scale as the I’m drawing the fonts at super high resolutions for print and I can’t achieve the quality.

I have got DX11 text geometry working for me so all good at the moment.


just for reference, the previous discussion, which was about dx9: Text (EX9) cuts off parts of character

thanks Joreg, that one I know and it’s a totally different issue/bug to this.

This comes from default sprite sheet sizes (which is set for standard text and to limit memory consumption).

If you need high text size , There’s a TextSettings node which allows you to control that, example in girlpower:


or (as link) :

or for large text you can also use the Text geometry node and then you can cover the entire moon with that

thanks Vux!

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