Text (EX9) cuts off parts of character

hi again,

i got a question regarding the use of Text(EX 9).

when using fonts in which characters can overlap (especially italic fonts) the characters get truncated around some invisible bounding box. see this example:

is there away to avoid this except for creating a bitmap and using it as a texture. this would be sooo nice…


i agree in this beeing a serious issue. maybe using text-(ex9.geometry), text-(gdi) or Text-(EX9.Texture-Source) could be a workaround…

seen this before but cannot reproduce at the moment. can you provide a patch?

seems to be a known problem: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/441338-win32-italic-font-overhang/

seems to be easy to reproduce with any font that has ovelapping characters by design.
try e.g. this font and just feed a Text (EX9) into a renderer.

(demo-patch and font attached in zip)

cutoff_text.zip (156.5 kB)

ok, there i see it.
and it seems the linked thread on gamedev has a solution. thank vvvv the textnode is opensource. so anyone with a fix please send us a pull request.

did anyone ever manage to sort this out? I can’t be the only one that needs to fix this issue right? I can’t code. Anyone want some cash to fix it? I need fix ASAP. :(

seems like this is font specific. i dont have this problem for all the fonts even if they overlap.

@xd nitro, try text (ex9 texture). works fine there…

again I need a fix for this - they seem to have a fix on the link above no? The font I want to use has various issues with using any other text node (disappears with some character combinations) and I really can’t switch the project to DX11 so not even tried it there.

anyone wanna earn some quick cash and help out please?

dont worry about it. gonna move to dx11. thanks