Ability to clear backups older than n days

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As discussed here, it would be great to be able to clear backups older than n days. The option could be disabled by default and enabled in the Settings.



Slow to the party, but often annoyed that uninstalled gamma instances leave behind lots of empty folders. this is especially a problem if you follow the previews as they come, then you quickly end up with lots of empty folders.
This is accentuated by the ease with which you can install and uninstall with gammalauncher, which is also what is super great about it.

Alternatively, a little tick box to select “move to bin after uninstall”

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And how about batch deletion?



Was more thinking about adding a “Tools” entry to the Launcher’s menu bar, and one of those tools would be “Clear outdated vvvv folders”.

Gave it a spin quickly a few months ago and was not happy with the results but could have a look again these days.

I agree with @yar delete lots of old preview versions, eg. when a new stable version comes out would be kinda cool.
A uninstalled outdated previews tool could join the clear outdated folders tool… but I don’t see why clearing the folders shouldn’t happen automagically when uninstalling a version, I will argue that is the expected behavior.
If a history of installed versions is desired, a log of those could be stored in a log file.

Interestingly, I still have versions on my system that are no longer uninstallable in any way. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to have a “tool” to force delete such releases - “force delete”.

In general, it should be noted that GammaLauncher becomes one of the central tools for working with Gamma. Thank you very much for your work.


Yes, I joint the @yar choir. @sebescudie, Gammalauncher is already awesome and I use it every day and could not imagine not using it now.

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@yar besides these folders, have you checked if they also all leave some kind of trace in the registry?

@readme I think so.
And it’s certainly an interesting topic to discuss.

But I can see that the remaining garbage is more likely to be from much more earlier versions.
Perhaps we should consider something like “Cleaner tool”.


Sorry for going off topic


Why is the original topic a problem?

My backup folder for 3 years is about 2.5GB. This value is probably much higher if you work with a lot of projects, but it’s not so dramatic for having special feature for something that you could make by hands

I saw a more granular backup setting in some app that I really liked - “No more than N in X hours, no more than N per day, no more than N per month per project”. That way you can control the maximum number of backups and be sure that some stage doesn’t get lost. Perhaps we should also add an option for some responsible projects - backup next to the project, perhaps also more granularly configured.

I’ve now realised that I really want to dig into old backups and see what’s there.

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