8/16 bit console graphics simulation (color depth)

Hi guys!

I’m currently working on music video and want to use VVVV to ease the task of generation kinda sprite scenes. Yup, basically using low-res-linear-interpolation and rotoscoped footage.

But here’s the problem. As I assume, the Sega MD can use only 512 colour palette. And the thing that I want is to somehow decrease the bit depth of a texture or a whole renderer to play around and see if the result is fine for me.

I clearly understand that Perturbator just hired a bunch of artist to do their job, but my project has zero budget and I’m trying to achieve the best result with simulating that kind of graphics with VVVV. So, I also will be really grateful if you can provide me some approaches to work with. Reference — Perturbator music videos.

P.S. I’m new at the community and will be glad if you point me the place where I can post my works made with VVVV to share and discuss with you, guys.

From Russia with LOVE,
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You could try:

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Thanks, bjoern, but I already checked up this shader and it really lacks processing the dark areas of picture. Or maybe the thing is that I could not provide right palette to it, I don’t know. Was playing around it all weekends, but no use.
Another problem that I do not know GLSL at all(((

you might get better results in this case if you’re converting to a different colormodel before comparing the pixel values, like HSV or HSL.
Code for this can be found e.g. here:

Well, this is the time when I ask very dumb question - but how I actually can use a code like this?

Sorry for being dumb.

The sort answer is to type ‘template’ pick the TextureFX11 one and ctrl click to clone it.

If you’re new to coding shaders you probably will have a lot more questions though, maybe watching a tut like this might help:


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