What is the best way to simulate a 64color display?

Hello vvvvorum.

i need to simulate a 64 color display. I want to specify the 64 colors by myself.
I have an existing scene as a texture.

A quick search in the textureFX-folder i couldnt find a solution…

any ideas, tips?

of course i can do a manual mapping with pipet or shader but i thought someone must have done sth like this before?

thank you,


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thank you björn,

lutz is cool, and probably its possible to use it to decrease the amount of used colors. as i understand the technique right, i have to create a texture with the desired fx(eg. 64colors) and feed it into the filename-LUT - pin. but its not working as expected. it creates gradients with colors im not using in the LUT-ctrl-texture… maybe im simply not able to set it up properly :/

any other ideas?

Not the most efficient approach because of loops in a shader + doing all iterations for each pixel, but readable and may give you an idea …

ReplaceColors.zip (2.4 KB)

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yeah, nice!

thank you, that works like a charm!

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Dither Pre-Process also helps a lot, maybe even downsampling the texture using its UseDefaultSize Pin.


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