[2021.4 - 546] Renaming a Fuse node freezes gamma in Hot Swapping state


This is one is possibly related to :

We saw this occurring while working on some Fuse documentation. Here are the repro steps :

  • Open a fresh gamma 2021.4 534
  • Reference current VL.Fuse from package-repositories folder
  • Create an AugmentedTexture2DVectorField node
  • Go inside and rename it to Texture2DVectorField (Fluid3D World)
  • Gamma goes and stays in Hot Swapping, then pauses

When writing this post I could unpause gamma but could not resize the node, like if it had kept its original name under the hood.


In some other occasions I saw the same behavior (doing “something” and then going to hotswapping), but gamma would freeze and had to be exited with a taskkill.

edit: just tested with the newest 546 and got the same behavior.

Thanks, just checked and the system is stuck in the same call stack as in your other thread. Already did a PR on Stride’s end, should be just a matter of time until we can update.

Oh ok! Since it happened even when not connecting or rendering anything I wouldn’t have assumed it was the same thing. Thanks!

This should work now.

Indeed, works now, thanks!

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