[2019.2 - 0026] Cannot create IOBox Tuple<T,T>

Hey there, was playing with Mouse Notifications in a Foreach (Keep) that would output a Tuple<Vector2, Int32>. After connecting a HoldLatest and creating an IOBox out of it, gamma raised this exception :


I then started gamma paused, loaded the patch and deleted the HoldLatest and the IOBox. Pressed F5 again and re-created those : got the exception again.

Tried to repro on an isolated patch by Joining a tuple and creating an IOBox out of it : no problem. But after deleting everything and pressing CTRL+Z, got the Exception again and the patch looked like this :


So, the steps to repro would be : recreate this snippet and connect an IOBox to HoldLatest, you should get the same exception


EDIT : Happened again when creating an IOBox Tuple, but a different exception this time “Exception of type VL.Model.ModelSyncException”, “Did not expect old solution” : hastebin.

Good find, fixed in upcoming.


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