2 VL Apps on 2 Touchscreens on 1 PC - identifying Screens


im creating a 2 Touchscreen application running on 1 PC. My idea was to create 2 Applications in VL and check on start which app goes Fullscreen on which Screen. I would prefer to not do this check via a Screen ID ( they might get swapped ) , since application 1 will always be on the left my plan was to check “Desktop Bounds” but there is no way to split the rectangle output ( Rectangle.Stride.Core.Mathematics). Is there another way to check the Order of my Screens from left to right? Maybe get the Info from my current windows Screen order settings? I might be missing something simple here…

Bonus Question:
Ive had issues with windows10 in the past getting multiple Touchscreens to work as expected: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/multiple-touchscreens-on-one-machine-possible-with-singletouch-in-screengroup-via-mouse/17042

Does anyone know if these windows10 issues have been fixed by now? Or maybe fixed in Windows11? Sadly i have no way to check this before setting up the hardware and It was a quite esoteric experience to fix the issue.

You can reference the stride mathematics package under .NET nugets, then you should have all necessary nodes.

Thx, i added it via Files / add existing and its working.

info: It will give you the screenpositions relative to your “Main Display” and it only updates after restarting gamma if you change the windows adapter settings. Also for some reason the width output for one screen is 0.
IdentifyScreensLefttoRightTest.vl (25.8 KB)

I patched something using windows.forms:

ScreenInfo.vl (49.7 KB)

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And there is also:

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thx @bjoern your version also updates with f9 after device changes so its perfect for my purpose :)

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