Multiple touchscreens on one machine - Possible with singletouch in Screengroup via "mouse"?

Hi there,

following up on this:
( Multiple Touchscreen on one PC only the Touchscreen which is first touched sends Touch to Windows)

I have not found any other option than like using R-PI via OSC, does anyone have a link with more infos on the R-PI solution?

( ) no way to test this currently

Questions if this would work:
If i Set up a Screengroup ( Multiple Screens as 1 Display ) and then us the Mouse Node would i receive something from each Touchscreen or would it be the same issue as mentioned. ( only screen thats first Touched sends Mouse/Touch?)

I Currently no hardware to test this so i thought id ask.

The touch node gives a spread of all touches from all screens along with device ids. Not sure though if a screengroup changes that, would suppose no. Anyway then you would still get all touch data, maybe just no info about screen origin

can you calculate the screen number from the position?

When you use the touch outputs from the renderers, you can have multiple on one machine.

@tgd when i use 2 Touchscreen ( Touch Device Windows node ) only one can be used at the same time. The first one touched will block the other as long as a touch is still active. so they both work with ID but wont work simultaneously.

In Windows both Touchscreens address to 1 of the 3 attached screen ( always the windows main Screen)
For some reason i can not change this behaviour.

Ive tried these steps:

  1. Press the Windows Key and type then click “Tablet PC Settings” listed under Control Panel.
  2. Click “Setup…”
  3. Keep pressing Enter until the text is written on the Touchscreen, then touch it!

But after clicking Setup nothing happens. So i guess this might be a windows issue :/

@sebl with 2 Renderers this appears to work, thx still cant really test it without fixing the windows issue to be able to use each touchscreen input individually in windows.

no idea how to solve this, will try again on a clean system…

@gegenlicht I was testing this for real with 2 screens and a random pc from the office. Pretty sure there were no issues and the touches were concurrent with no blocking. no idea about the windows problems you have though

mhh so ive just tested this on a different PC with 2 Touchscreens and same issue, cant setup the Touchscreens in Windows.

Configure your pen and touch displays (MultiDigiMon.exe) not working on Windows 10 1803

Have no PC with older windows then w10 (1803) to test if this is causing the issue.
Has anyone ever had similar issues?

Hey, so i now have an intel NUC here with a fresh windows and can confirm multiple Touchscreens work fine in VVVV - it was a Windows settings issue. Sadly i can not explain why the setting was not working - both windows versions are up to date. So i have no idea why its working on the “clean” windows.

So if MultiDigimon.exe ( Tabletsettings -Touchscreen settings & identification ) does not work in windows your best bet is to reinstall windows and pray to the god of randomness.

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