Zip (String) doesn't update if spread count changed

Discovered a quiet annoying bug with zip (string): If the count of the input spreads changes, the content of an input with viewer spread count is not updated in the Output. Refer to the Image:

Left side: First made a zip from 3 spreads with 1, 2 and 2 slice count. Result was correct. Than I increased the slice count of the 2nd and 3rd to 3. You see the Result in the image top left (red arrow): The first input spread is not represented in the third line.

Right side: Building from scratch (or reconnecting the nodes): No Problem
Below: Zip(Value): No Problem

Please provide an update soon, this is really killing my project (I use the zip(String) a lot and its quite difficult to replace it everywhere with a workaround)

Thanks a lot in advance,


I made a little test patch showing the problem:

You can try yourself (patch attached). I only have the problem in version 33.7. In version 31.2 it works fine!

Zip_Bug_Demo.v4p (16.6 kB)

Thank you for the detailed report. We’ll address this issue after node15.

Check latest alpha builds pls - should be fixed now.