Zero patch


I would like study the ZERO patch of sanchtv if someone has a version compatible with the 17 thank you send me I could not modify the original



It is Sanches work, so I don’t feel okay in posting that.
But since it was also my first patch that made me go: OH MY GOD!!

Here is a step plan, and it is just 2 (!!!) missing nodes!!

The renderer is hidden in the CamSystem module, so we are going to create an input pin, so we can connect all the quads and spheres to it. (this patch is from the beginnings off vvvv, everything was a very little bit different back than…)

Step 1

Open the CamSystem module, and create a Iobox (Node) node. Use Herr Inspector, and give it descriptive name.

Poof, you just created an input pin pin for the module :)

Now, connect this node to the Layers pin off the renderer.

Step 2

Inside the ZERO module, create a Group (EX9) node, use inspector to make the Layer Template Count up to 6, so you can connect all the Quads and Spheres to it. (I am not sure about the sequence, so just play with it)

Step 3

Now connect this group node to you newly created input pin off the CamSystem and presto!!

Step 4

Go to the Documentation AND READ & LEARN!!

For all off you who wonders, Sanchtv, An old patch with texture… classic…

thank you so much for your help and advice
Merci Sanch :)