Your favourite Design projects made with vvvv

Hey everyone!

We all know that there are tons of great artworks, interactive installations, shows and performances made with vvvv.

I’d be really interested in seeing your favourite projects that you would classify as design, rather than art/show/advertising projects.

Here’s a taste of what I mean, even though these use processing and not vvvv:

The behaviour of the physical interface was coded in processing

Here the design of the fabric was made using processing

I actually don’t know which software was used for this, but I can find out

That’s a wide variety, I know, and the lines can be blurry too between art and design.

Looking forward to seeing your favourites!

the works of @sanch have been one of the first generative design works with vvvv that got famous on the internet in the early 2000ths:

That’s really nice.
Anyone else?

lasal lamps

lasal lamps, of course!
Thanks, how could I forget.

Maybe we can a nice collection/overview in this thread :D

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