Your daily bug report (windowlist, assimp)

hi there! i identified 2 bugs the first is kinda serious the second is just annoying.
so starting with the serious WindowList (Windows) produces some wierd behaviour in beta27.1: when vvvv is in the background and the windowlist node is used in a patch (visible or not it’s the same, it’s in the graph) vvvv tends to freeze and not respond for longer times even sometimes a grey borderless window appears with a text on the middle saying “everything you know is wrong”. if it’s not weird enough already there’s a weirder workaround i discovered accidentially to wake up vvvv from this bug you have to add/remove/change a patch, effect or a plugin file in the watched folders.
there were no traces of the freezes in the tty log and i discovered the windowlist by brute force deleting nodes one-by-one and see what happens. when i deleted the windowlist only and nothing else this bug never showed up again.

the annoying one is using assimp mesh with Normals (EX9.Geometry Mesh)throws a “D3DERR_INVALIDCALL in Normals” error in the renderer and nothing happens after

hei micro,

for two totally unrelated reports please start two threads in the forum. and please provide demopatches as this improves the chance that we can reproduce your problems.