Yeah, about the Keyboard (Global)

it makes typing a fiddly task, no?

I keep a pressed and type b: b - as it should be, however:
I keep b pressed and type a: b

is there a workaround something? I used to use the old Keyboard(Global) module from vvvv28, but somehow… doesn’t work anymore.

because, here’s what I just typed, according to Keyboard(Global):

"issthere aaworkarouud ssmettinn? I used to use tte old keyboarr(Global) module frm vvvv28,buu
sooehow… doess#t work anymorr"


Oh, well. This does the trick:

thanks, herbst :)

yes, these are known issues in the current beta (31.2). they should be fixed however in our alpha builds. see my blog post here.