XPath // selector does not work

This is either a bug or a missing feature or a failure on my behalf (since I am quite new to vvvv).

In XPath, a “//x” selector should somehow return the contents of all nodes tagged “x”. But if multiple “x” tags exist, it just returns NULL.

Please see the example patch to see what I mean.

If this is not a bug, is there a workaround?
I am using the current 40beta19.1 version.


xpathproblem.v4p (5.6 kB)

sorry for double file upload, the files are the same. just ignore one of them.

xml requires you to specify a root element. in your first example, the point tag is interpreted as the root element. in the second example, point appears twice and can no longer be interpreted as the root element. enclosing both point tags in a root tag will make your example xml-compliant.

That’s it!
Thanks a lot, diki.

xpathproblem-solved.v4p (6.0 kB)