XPath Query Twitter Hashtag Search

does anyone know XPath Query for the Twitter Hashtag Search.
I would like to make twitter wall displaying feed based on a specific HASH TAG.
thx, dimi

hashtag_search.v4p (3.4 kB)

I did this a couple of years ago

XPathTwitterExample01.v4p (14.6 kB)

If you are not in a hurry I am patching exactly that: it s also got a way to buffer the incoming tweets, store them and get them one by one.
You can get all the basic json IDs plus you can enable entitties to get extra stuff like images url etc.

@sunep: Thank you a lot. that’s a good start point.
all tweets are displayed with HTML commands, do you know how to filter it out? that the feeds look like we use to see it? sorry my HTML knowledge is very close to zero, not to mention ATOM or JSON.
@io: would be great, i just have couple of weeks or so

Here you go, it s been de-crappified but still a bit messy…
Let me know if you find some better way to do it.

(entities are not enabled there)

Twitter.zip (374.2 kB)

Thanks IO, Jsonparser /JsonArray is what i need.


all you need to know