Xpath looking for bogus .dtd

in beta19.1, xpath is looking for vvvv40notbeta18.dtd to resolve externals. on the internet. quote:

xpath : -214667210 on line 1:70 >>> the system cannot locate the object specified. error processing resource ‘http://vvvv.org/version/vvvv40notbeta18.dtd

okay, let’s turn this into a productive question: when feeding xpath with .v4p’s of older patches and turning on ‘Resolve Externals’, is it trying to resolve the externals of the running version, or those specified in the DOCTYPE tag?
in any case, how can i make it find the .dtd is is looking for?
and on a related note, why do some queries work only if resolve is off, while others only work when resolve is on?

(all of the above concerns beta19.1)

no hint, anydev?