XPath Child Count

Hi folks,

I’m trying to write a dynamic path for XPath to extract the child count of a .xml file (See attached .xml file).

In the end I’d like to have one spread with a bin size according to the amount of “column” elements (3) with separated slice counts according to the amounts of “tile” children per “column” parent (6, 8, 4). My problems occur with the latter - getting the bin size is easy: /layout/root/columns/column
Same with the total slice count of the children:

If anyone could please help me out here – meanwhile I’ll try out david’s workaround.
Thanks a lot in advance! (1.5 KB)

I came up with this patcharound… Maybe not the most elegant way but it’ll do for now. If anyone knows a more pleasant solution: Much obliged.


judging from your screenshot you can use Element spit after the first XPath, there you have a Children Bin Size output

I tried it out but the Children Bin Size-pin returns a spread of three slices with “0” as values…

XPath with query on parent -> Elements Output to Element Split -> Children Bin Size? (3.7 KB)

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