I am going to do an installation with some lower end* PCs of the XP era, is there anything special thing I should take care of (any Celeron Voodoo for example) to get the best out of these machines?

  • = garbage like Celeron D and PIV HT with unspecified graphic cards

well if it’s based on monstershaders like softshadows i would avoid that… Anyway you might have troubles mostly with unsupported techniques since nvidia voodoo is porb PS1 VS1 or something like that

Of course not, I ll use these machines just to play some looped videos and as touch interfaces.

First day with the piece of crap, the gf somehow can t handle big textures, so let s say I want to scroll many images horizontally on a quad, how would you do that without prerendering the whole stripe of textures and x translating the final texture?

first of all dds is your friend, png jpg is your enemy
normally you can pack 5x times more dds dxt then jpegs and pngs…
but since it’s prolly 16 megs of vram…
List loading image in dds should be fast…

well my first idea is to make a rendertarget with scrolling quads spreaded linearly

@antokhio, yep good idea, eventually I got spoiled by using nice machines lately and forgot about basic optimization, still I fear the problem lies in the width of the texture which is not supported by the inbuilt card

@microdee: that s what I am doing of course but as mentioned above, the texture just goes blank after 2560 px width iirc (or about that)

today more to come

The little bastard won t read dds files …

aw fck, try dds 3, since it’s super old might take dxt 1, in that case can do you macro for photoshop to save dxt1… If i remeber correct there is some code that allows you to see what actually your graphics card support…
well lol

@antokhio - I don’t think io ever said the graphics card was a 3dfx voodoo…