Xml shows incorrect width

hello yous,

admittedly, i might be the only one caring, but why is the width in BOUNDS of type=“Node” in the xml always 100 by default? no matter if it’s a /PhongDirectionalGPUtransform/ or a /+/ ? it’s only when i drag a node to change its size that its width jumps to its actual value…
annoying for what i’m trying to do, probably irrelevant for evvverybody else…

am i missing something? any hints appreciated :)

hmjoa…how to say…
this is kind of by design and i am afraid i cannot even think of a workaround for this…

if an estimate would be good enough you could get one my measuring the nodes name using the Text (EX9)'s rightmost output.

uhm… yah, an estimate should do the job. in the end it’s the most useless patch i’m trying to build anyways… ;)

what do you mean with “by design” though? is there a good reason for things to be this way or has just no one ever thought about it?

oh this is kind of very spitzfindig i guess

glad you asked:
design has it that at the moment the xml representation of the node is created, its width is yet unknown. only at the time the node renders itself in the patch it figures out (depending on its number of pins showing and its name) its own width.