XML nodes dont handle line breaks correctly

The fancy new set of XML nodes can’t handle linebreaks in value fields.

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XMLNodesBug.v4p (5.9 kB)

Seems the entities (&cr; and &lf;) are not defined in the dtd, or rather they are defined but as and

thanks for the report. i’ve added a new input pin “Validation” to the AsElement (XML) node, in order to enable DTD or Schema validation. by default no validation takes place (as before), but in case of a v4p file DTD validation is necessary or the custom defined entities &cr;, &lf; and &tab; would be invalid. so in order to successfully parse a v4p file you’ll need to set the new validation input to DTD.

the node will also write parser errors to the tty now. should make it easier in future to track down such issues.