Xfile with messy UV coordinates

not sure where to put this, Bug or Wishlist ? anyway…

i tried to export a model to the xfile format with XSI and cinema4D and neither of them seems compatible to what vvvv reads. the mesh looks fine but the UV texture coordinates are messed up

so i’m wondering, what is vvvv and cinema4D and xsi doing. isn’t there a standard for saving x file ?

i know some have successfully exported with blender but i’d like to use softimage or cinema. any idea ? solution ?

see attached documentation of UV-mess

picture 1 and 2 show how it looks in the 3D app
picture 3 and 4 show how it looks in vvvv

cinema4D.jpg (13.6 kB)
XSI.jpg (16.1 kB)
XSI_export_in_vvvv.jpg (28.7 kB)
cinema4D_export_in_vvvv.jpg (27.6 kB)
UVdemo.zip (714.6 kB)

thanx elektromeier…problem solved

use texture transform to flip the texture
xsi output = pitch -0.5 / roll -0.5