Xfile: subset slice index


what’s the logic behind the xfile subsets and their slice indices? or: ar they sorted by some kind of ID, or material name (obviously not). is there a possibility to have influence on this e.g. in maya?


I don’t really know if it helps but did you try the Optimize (EX9.Geometry) Mesh node ?

Hi, don’t know for Maya but in C4D the subset order is the exact order of new created materials. Renaming materials doesn’t change the order…

As far as I found out the sequence in which you apply your objects to the hierarchy which you finally want to export defines the id numbers of the subsets. To make sure you can open your hirarchy and do the parenting one by one. This worked in softimage - possibly it works in other programs too.
But since it´s the materials (and not the objects) that make up the subsets this method is no answer for more complex cases when two objects share one material or one object has several materials (or both cases at once).

quite opaque that different 3d tools seem to handle this "id"s different.

a comfortable workaround is probably assigning (existing and well named) dummytextures, and control the subset indices with string/spread operations in vvvv (-> the xfile node has a TextureFileName output, which has been ignored by me so far.)