XFile max File Size?

is there any such thing as a maximum file size that the XFile node can handle? or would i rather run into the maximum face count of a dx9 mesh? i’m looking at 11mb and 260232 vertices here.

do you have any troubles looking at that xfile?

d3d help says:
A 32-bit mesh (D3DXMESH_32BIT) can theoretically support (2^32)-1 faces and vertices. However, allocating memory for a mesh that large on a 32-bit operating system is not practical.

i am indeed having trouble (vvvv does not want to show the mesh for ‘unknown reasons’), but i’m not at all certain where it comes from. i highly suspect the .xfile-export of blender on this one. let me show you.

have your tried with other xfile-viewers?

i did just now, and the file is not viewable by other viewers either :P