XFile geometry with separate origins?

Hi, is there a way to export whole complex object from blender with separate origins for each element to xfile?
Now each element has 1 world origin and u can’t rotate elements as i want to, please help

you can change the centers by using transform and move the center in X/Y direction.
Use BoundingBox(EX9.Geometry Mesh) (or the corresponding DX11 Node) to get the center positions of every object and then move the centers by connecting it to a transform node.

Then you should be able to rotate every object by its own center.


And i forgot: After moving the center you have to translate the object back to its origin position.

yea, that’s why you use collada for such tasks

Yes Collada saves time…
But there Collada nodes for dx11…

So if you’re working in dx11 and export obj from maya and you’re not skinning the mesh you can do this trick:

  • Select all and Freeze Transform. Place every object in position you want and Freeze Transform so they have all 0 0 0 for x y z.

  • Select all. press “w” then “d”+“x”+middle click on the grid. Snap all the objects at the center of the scene. Now every object has some values in translation.

  • Lauch this script:

    string $sel = ls -sl;
    int $i=1;
    if ($sel0 != “”)
    for ($obj in $sel)
    float $trx = getAttr -asString ($obj + ".translateX");
    float $try = getAttr -asString ($obj + ".translateY");
    float $trz = getAttr -asString ($obj + ".translateZ");
    print ($trx*-1 + “:”);
    print ($try*-1 + “:”);
    print ($trz + “:”);
    print “\n”;
    print(“Nothing Selected…”);

Now copy the result from the script editor into an IOBOX string and use Separate intersperse with Colon and as value.

As I write I noticed this trick is not so quick, but it works…
If you have a scene with lot of object it’ll work better than setting the center for every object…


i’m actually working with collada export from maya on dx11 and having so great time enjoying working with it, the new exporter works pretty solid and have no troubles at all with assimp nodes
only problem is camera projection not match but rest is quite solid

do you need to install some extra plugin for collada export from maya?

then you have to open window prefs plugins and enable it

Tnx Antokhio

thx guys! this puts me on the right track