XFile additional output pin

Is it possible to have an additional output pin with a spread of names of the correspoding submeshes (objects)? Last time it cost us a lot of time to create a meterial library with different textures for each object only to be able to select the right objects later in vvvv. no matter if you only have objects, but with 300 it is different. Since in most xfile exporters you do not have control about the order of objects. (probably the time order of createion in most cases), it would be very handy to output its name too.

i just had a quick check and didn’t find anything like that in the directx-documentation. it seems we could output filenames of effects stored with each material, like we already do with textures. but that probably wouldn’t help much rather than being a bad workaround for your problem, by associating a different effect with each subset.

any more ideas?