Xbox360 plugin, plugins?

I’m trying to deploy an xbox360 plugin to my computer (forum:xbox-controller-plugin-help-request) This plugin is a folder and .cs project. I’ve gotton other plugin samples to work which had a help.vp4 by opening that file and copy and pasting until somehow my patch magically worked.

The first topic on the plugin page is to develop a plugin, i think i’ve missed the boat on what a plugin actually is and how it’s referenced on my system.

I’m of the mind set that i could place it in the vvvv/plugins folder in its entirety and it would show up on my nodesearch?

-joe noob

heeey joe,

don’t touch the \plugins or \addonpack\plugins directory. when you get plugins from the forum or the contributions put them in your own \contributions directory.

i have mine on the desktop, like:

and i put downloads in the respective subdirectories. then the only thing you need to do is add a reference to the \contributions directory to the search path in the root. here is how thats done: nodes and paths.

is it mandatory to have that subdirectories as you described? I have got everything only in one Folder called “_addons” and a lot of things in there don’t appear in the nodelist…

@sebl: the difference should be:

  • if you put all your stuff directly in _addons it should be found
  • if \effects, \modules and/or \plugins dirs exist only those will be searched, but then even recursively.