.x format


I cannot figure out why my 3d object doesn’t appear.
I need to apply a texture onto it (I succeeded with other .x files with no texture coordinates)
I have tried the repair node which works well with other models I tried, but not this one.

Could someone have a quick look and tell me if it is working ?

Thank you.

fiole.x (155.4 kB)

no solution right now.

interestingly vvvv thinks the mesh being sized “0” in all dimensions (42.4 kB)

i see it normally. it is rather small and not centered but still visible with camera defaults. also the dimensions don’t output 0 for me but small values as expected.

really strange:
after restarting vvvv i once had success.
then i zipped the whole stuff here and had another time no success. (51.6 kB)

forget the last file.
my mistake.
this should work. (54.0 kB)

Thank you so much.

Is there a way with your patch of transforming the texture ?

A transform node on the texture transform pin of the DrawFixed doesn’t work.

seems to be a bug in drawfixed. translating the texture isn’t possible. unfortunately a helpfile is missing.

doubleclick that node, start typing constant.fx (or another shader) and choose it with the mouse from the now appearing list.

It works much better.

Message for kalle : I sent you a message did you get it ?

yes, got it.
gonna answer soon.

Thank you.

Please ?.. no text …

oh, yes.