X file and baking texture


I would like to bake animated texture, but i am kind of lost in the way how can i get the unwraped texture to Xfile in vvvv, i can see that general mapping technics are working, but i don’t know what to do with unwraped tex.

And other question is, is it possible to use video as an unwraped texture?

It would be really cool to have opportunity to use animated textures.

i have search around forum but haven’t found answer.


hi barbarerik,
yes it is possible to use a video as an unwraped texture in a x file. But you must define the uv map in a 3d software first. and then, when you have a template of the unwrapped texture, you can draw over it or using videos over it

lame me!

i have forgot to use modifier to unwrap texture after baking.
I thought that it will do KwXporter but now i know.

Thanks man u saved my beautiful day.