Wrong link in web

the link QRCodeTexture (EX9.Texture) in downloads is missing a “)”

There seems to be a problem with our wiki-syntax parser. I’ll look into it as soon as I’m back from x-mas holidays. thanks for the report :).

It seems it’s working from italian page.

In this case I think it’s related to wrong hyperlink syntax, just add a “)” at the end of the url in the browser and you should be able to get there as well from english page.


EDIT: I dared to fix it…

ah ok, thanks, there is still a general problem though which I need to look into, but apparently it wasn’t a problem in this case. should’ve looked properly.

The strange thing it was that there was this ))) at the end of the url instead of this ) )); while in other page this seems to work anyway, there it didn’t.


yes that is part of the problem. the pages where ))) works are in the cache and will probably not work once changed.

Woah!.. hope I’ve respected wiki syntax.

Sorry to annoy, but since we’re here…

I tried to upload an animated gif on my profile (30x30 px, 1,8 kb), and it’s anim’ed only in upload field, not in preview nor in the updated page: it’s up to me, or is it not possible?

One more, are you able to find h99 in the @list?


wiki link issue is fixed now

All images on the site go through a resizing module. It wouldn’t surprise me if gif animation would be lost. You can always host your gif on your own server and embed it into vvvv.org.

Guessed it was something like that…

also found a bug in the userlist, you are on page 2 now :)

Lotta thanks!