Writting plugin with SlimDX question


I’m trying to write plugin with EX9 LayerOut and have question about SlimDX.
i’d like to use InternalPointer property of Device class(its pointer of IDirect3DDevice9 interface) for initialize 3rd party DLL, but couldn’t access to it.

at CreateDeviceData(Device device) method, other property like device.PixelShaderProfile is OK.
but device.InternalPointer show error:

CS0122: ‘SlimDX.Direct3D9.Device.InternalPointer’ is inaccessible due to its protection level

checked SlimDX documentation, it looks public too…


you need to use Device.ComPointer, which is of type IntPtr.

thanks reply!

yes, I could initialize with ComPointer. Level Up!
my next challenge is getting Keyboard and Mouse event.


for events easiest is to send Mouse/Keyboard data and create events manually as Plugin input, since it’s not so easy to get renderer messages.

Out of interest what library are you playing with?

create events manually will good. I tried getting event with SlimDX.RawInput namespace, but failed:-(

AntTweakBar is my first plugin work. I found and use it with OpenFrameworks, looks great. did you know?

it will be smart GUI tool for vvvv. I know it’s worth waiting!

really love to see the antTweakBar working with vvvv.

I started upload screenshot. please enjoy:-)

Quite cool, played with some gui bits lately as well, but was using Gwen (http://code.google.com/p/gwen/) instead of anttweakbar.

Pop on skype maybe can join forces on that (my username: jvulliet)


Gwen looks nice. how behavior/view on Node and Pins?

Also thanks to skype invitation!

Basically got a Renderer node which outputs a layer (also creates the root canvas).

Then there’s a node per control, which you can join together to build your layout.

Data update retrieval is handled by todomap and is fully bidirectional midi/gui/osc.

This sounds like a massive feat. I volunteer for bug hunting if you decide to go forward with this.

Interesting! Looking forward :)