Writter frame rate / rewritting on same file

hi, i finally arriver to obtain a correct recroding with writter by using it from a separate patch than the patch that is making image manipulation ( thanks to S and R nodes )
so no lags.
BUT, i still have a problem: when reading the file in vvvv, i have it very very quick.
i tried to set main loop at 25fps foreground, but it didnt change anything
when using the speed ( that is for once working !) pin, at 0.5, it seems to be at the good speed, but frame rate seems to at 15 / 20 fps :-(

other thing: how to ask to writer to rewrite an existing file ( i m under xp)?

you didn’t tell us which writer you’re using. probably you can post a patch?

also not sure what you mean exactly with the other thing.