I am using the writer(avi) to make a animation to my audio production. I use the avi writer result in premiere pro. However when I record 1 minute in premiere the length of the file is 30 seconds.

What can i do to improve that?
I have no specific setting for the window size. I use 25 fps.

I found that the gdi rendered images shows the problem. I have a patch where gdi renderer exports to gdi.texture and then via a quad to a ex9.renderer > dx9.texture > writer.

Dx stuff only works fine.

see patch attached.

gdiPLUSex9_texturebasicSETup.v4p (11.8 kB)

howdy earlabs

first of all, i can remember same problems with incorrect frame rates and so on. i´ve had a look on your patch and i must say: your pc must be way more powerful than mine, massive framerate drops happened when i adjusted the one slider. The idea with the noise @ random spreads is cool! had some fun with your patch, but i can´t help you @ gdi-framerates.

greetinX, b³