Writer texture state success


is there a direct way to get a success state from the “writer texture” node.
at the moment i use the “dir” node (file count + permanent update)
as workaround.

since the writer is blocking you can be sure that the file is written in the next frame after you hit Write.

i would like print out a texture.
one step before i write a texture in a jpg file, for that reason
i need a feddback signal, so that i know when the writing process
is finished

so bang the writer and FrameDelay (Animation) that bang and then you have your feedback. see?

if this does not explain what you are looking for please provide a simple patch of your problem for our better understanding.

This is not entirely true.

  • your texture format / image format can be invalid
  • you might try to save in a non existent folder
  • you might not have permission to write to this place.
  • Plenty of other reasons for failure.

So banging the writer with framedelay is not a valid signal, since it tells you that you try to save texture, not that is succeeded.

So Success output pin is still very valuable information (any writer node should have that, and either error message as output pin or tty log, but not silently fail).

sorry for off-topic, but is there a way to patch a confirmation (preferably not blocking data flow) for some actions? i wish it for Ctrl+S e.g.?

+1 for success pin

I had lots of problems saving very large textures because of running out of RAM in 32-bit vvvv. The arrival of 64-bit fixed this issue consistently. TTY does throw an error but nothing really useful.

Be nice to have success pin on the file move and copy nodes too.


all true, but it seems to me the original question is not suggesting troubles while writing. so while i don’t want to argue against the usefulness of a “success” output i think my initial answer is still valid for an understanding of “when the writing process is finished”.


thanks for your answers and feedbacks.

@joreg yes the “framedelay-bang feddback” is the answer for my question

and yes +1 for success pin

“when the writing process is finished” : exactly, but you don’t know if it finished with success of failure, so as per the initial question:

He asks for success state, not for a finish state. Fact that he has no issues so far doesn’t matter.

Since you log to TTY you already catch the exception, so adding an extra bool pin will be faster for you than arguing about the validity of your answer ;)

Ah, and on the way, since it’s a writer, need to open a save dialog, not an open dialog :)

now all file related nodes as writer, reader, mover, copier have a Success, Error Message and Error pin. should be up in about half an hour… please test.

good work tonfilm

Finally ;)

hope x writer in that list too ;]