Writer (EX9.Texture): Save pin is a toggle, not a bang

“Save” pin is a toggle by default and not a bang. May be annoying if not noticed by the patcher :).

Well it’s “saving” as long as the input pin is 1 and stops when it switches to 0… makes sense to me…

agree, better if it will create bang box by default

+1… no text …

But when it would record by Bang you’d need a separate bang/input pin to stop it.

I mean it’s not like Writer is recording to RAM/Cache/PageFile all the time and just saves the file to HDD when you hit save… Then a Bang would be the fitting solution.
But it starts recording/saving/writing when “Save” input is toggled. Think of the “REC” button on an VHS/DVD/Tape recorder ;)

what they talk about is just a change of the subtype from toggle to bang with the exact same functionality of the node like now.

so, i agree, too

its not a screenshot-tool, so its pretty obvious to toggle the writer for an ongoing saving of the scene.


how about creating a module like this

Writer (Toggle Bang EX9.Texture).v4p (5.4 kB)

perfect issue for trying out a pullrequest…

hui, lots of discussion…
I simply thought it might be a case of “forgot to change the pin type”, thus the reporting. Of course it’s neither a problem nor very annoying, just different from the other writers. For me, Writer (EX9.Texture) is, in most cases, a high-res screenshot tool.

ah, that was a native node. so i changed that to conform with all the other writer nodes. thanks.