Writer - EX9.Texture AVI - no file is written

Hi !

This has been brought up before in this forum and has been closed in 2014 as “solved” but i just recently ran across this old issue as well.

In short, it’s what the title says. The node [Writer (EX9.Texture AVI)] doesn’t write a file. I tried the simple help patch - not working. I was testing with VVVV 50beta38. I did a check on older VVVV versions and found that the last version, where this node was still working was beta 50beta35 (both 32 and 64 bits). I’m on Win7/64bit

Running VVVV as admin did not solve the problem.



hei oliver, i just tried with the help-patch and indeed it has a small bug: it has the wrong output of the “record on/off” iobox connected to the Writer node. to fix this, simply delete the iobox and create a new one. then it works for me.

please let us know if recording still doesn’t work for you.

(the helppatch will be fixed for upcoming)

Confirmed ! Now it works perfectly !

Thanks a lot for your fast response !

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