writer(EX.9.texture avi) question

Hi there,

I’m trying to save some animations made in vvvv as avi-file to my harddisk. So I added a Dx9 Texture-node to the renders EX9 out pin, then I used the writer avi node and connected it with the texture pin, set framerate, defined a path for the file and enabled write…
but there’s no file at the defined place nor anywhere else on the disk.

Is there something I forgot to think of or something I made wrong?

If I use the helpfile of the writer node and try to save the example animation, everything works fine…

thanks for answers!!

no idea, can you send a very simple patch that doesn’t work for you?

Hi Joreg,

here is the file, I hope it works because I’m not sure if all the connections will work and hopefully its not too chaotic… (I’m still pretty new to v4).

thanks for the help!

demo.rar (180.6 kB)


I forgot which patch to start, its the vj-tool_simple…


I think the problem comes that the path to the saved file must end with .avi

Sometimes it can be so easy…

thanks a lot!!!

btw, big compliment to your work!!