Writer creates no file.. driving me weird

hey folks,

one more thing about the 4v mysteria!
i´d like to create an automatic video generation as a sum of my older patches and i think i get all the stuff working fine. (getting images, randomizing picture order, random transformation ** here another question won´t be droppable, but later **)

now my real big problem is, that the Writer node ( i need to do an avi file ) won´t behave accurately everytime i use it! wtf !!!

it does not write a previously selected avi file (for example “test1.avi” in E:vvvv… i hit the “record” input to a 1 and i do some fancy stuff but there´s no file in this location. i was facing problems of this style as soon as i started 4v explorations… the best videos (i thought would have been recorded) went to nowhere…

is this a known bug or do i need to place a file dummy in windows or what? i already have admin rights, and i don´t believe that´s the matter.

greetinX, bbb

had the same problem. actually vvvv wrote the file but immediately after recording deleted it again. don’t know, if that’s a general bug, don’t think so.
i ended up in using a screenrecorder…

this is not acceptable for me. and i know i created avi files just by setting the record=1, but it must happen everytime, not only now and then…

thx for fast response anyway

I just found out that no matter what the file is being stored in root folder c:\

yes, indeed, the writer does what it is told if you select C:
but in some case the user wants to store the video in some other location, what then?
is this v4 specific? gg

just found out it depends on lower letter path if the writer does it´s work.