Write World Texture Kinect 2

Hey Folks,

i want to record the Pointcloud of the Kinect 2 in Texture | Image Sequences.

Hence i thought that writing the World Texture (given by the kinect 2 nodes) to the disk would be the best way to do it.

However it turns out that the saved Texture seems to be formatted or the values are changed. If i load them again and try to build a pointcloud from them then the values seem to be off. i tried all the formats but dont seem to get nice results.

Does anyone know a good way to do this,

Please let me know


write to dds, and make sure you’re not changing the texture format anywhere (ie with a render pass)

I think i did so.

But i feel like it just doesnt work. Like the texture i load is not the one i see live (save).

Here is the patch. Would be really cool if someone could look into it. i think there is sth. completly wrong about my thinking…

Kinect2Recorder.zip (556.5 kB)

sorry got it … it was just a stupid mistake of writing dds to wrong folder lol…Thank you guys!