Write text on an arc


I want to write curved text, like over an arc or any path I wanted. For start, I tried to apply a GDITexture, with Text (GDI), over a Segment (DX9), but it didn’t work well. I tried to scale the texture and it repeated along the circle.

I know it is the expected behavior, and that’s why I came here. :)

Sorry if this was already asked before. I searched and found little to nothing about this.

Have a look a Elektromeier’s EX9TextMetrics module. Each caracter is diplayed on a single quad; then it’s easy to transform the whole thing…

i once started with a real text on path module but i stopped because i had some problems with the bspline module… i can post the results i had this far if someone is interested in…

sure elek , I,ve been looking forward to having a look to this module ;D