Would you participate on this?

I had a proposal: organizing a facade mapping contest. I am here to ask you to advice me about what you would consider a proper offer.
Basically the idea is: you get free flight and staying in the sub-tropics (Tenerife, Canary Islands) and are offered the chance to participate to a mapping contest, prices for the best 3 mappings. Jury unknown atm.
From my personal point of view, I don t see so many people willing to do the hard job of a mapping projection taking the risk of not getting anything else than a trip to Tenerife (they go pretty cheap anyway on the bargain holiday market), still it could be a nice meeting point, and it is sunny and beer is cheap.
I ll push my personal idea that the admitted artists should be selected by their previous work and be granted a minimum payment for the mapping.
Please let me know what yo uthink about it and let s hope this is going to become a reality anyway.

I think i can. My skype - algariol.

If I’ve nothing else one, a bit of patching in the sun might be nice :)
When is it likely to be?

Yo puedo? ;)

@lasal: you understand that the selection will be based on merit and not on place of origin so… claro que sí muchacho!!! ;)

@catweasel: I don t really know yet but it may be at the end of the summer

I am really looking forward to receive more opinions!

can I join ? I did a module (included in addonpack) called polyline that it is very usefull for mapping :) Please add me on skype casati.gianluca

usually i would not apply to something like this, but patching in at a holiday location while beeing surrounded by vvvvellows sounds like an awfully nice idea… (almost like a summer-node) so i’d apply if the date does not clash with any projects already booked. :)

Yeah summer node in Tenerife!!

@io: i´ll send you my portfolio… vete enfriando las birras ;)

I’d love to! Flight from Australia? :p

what’s the dates?

and from south america?

@fibo and anybody else asking: we are just starting with the thing which is not even confirmed so I can t promise anything, also I won t be the one choosing the admitted projects but you are all of course free to send in your work when and if this thing will fly

@lasal: dorada o tropical?

@everyoneishappy and manuel: that is something I fear will set a limit on the possible participants but who knows… btw how much does it usually cost a trip to Europe?

@xd_nitro: no idea really, we are very in an early stage… and on may we have political election, here eveything can change depending on who s on charge… banana republic style

@io, dorada por supuesto.

count me in if you can make this happen, here’s some kind of vid of a recent augmented sculpture mapping thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtY01Uf7XRU&feature=channel_video_title