Would this be possible?

If i had vvvv switching between two very similar frames of video (perhaps), could i create a similar effect to the one demonstrated in the attached photo?

if so, which nodes and what kind of set-up would you suggest?

thanks chapolas

superpositions.JPG (187.6 kB)

Switching between two frames would only cause flickering.
I would suggest to work with a motion trails effect instead.

connect a Blend node to your quads, and set it to add. Have a Transform node connected to the quad. Now experiment with nodes like CircularSpread or LinearSpread on the transformation. Add an IOBox, a / node and a HSL node, so that the alpha of the quad is always set to 1/spreadcount. now play around.

sven - the idea is to flicker

oschatz - thanks, i’ll give it a bash.

dont know what kind of effect you try to achieve. here is a lttle motion trail patch to try out.

blur.v4p (6.1 kB)

aw thanks very much elektromeier, it’s smashing. with some tweaking i’m sure it’ll do the trick.

i got a bit lost in oschatz suggestions - was a bit too much fun… made a cool shiny kkaleidoscope thingy out of it, though. thanks again!