Would it be possible to rename |||| VVVV Patch type?

hello all !
Adding "new |||| VVVV Patch " file in the contextual menu (shellnew in regedit) doesn’t work because of the " |||| " from vvvv’s patch type…
is it planed to remove |||| from the type ?
tiouss !

microdee has a workaround is his (now depracated) mcropack. But yeah that’d be a pretty cool feature :)

it’s now in here. https://github.com/microdee/md.ecosystem/tree/master/utils But I would be glad if devvvvs would remove those dodgy characters or if they love those strokes so bad change it into 4 l’s (small L) like llll or 4 I’s (capital i) like IIII

can you elaborate on the problem? i didn’t get it…

so when there are the 4 dodgy chars like this:

you get this when you want to create new patch from context menu:

but when you don’t have those chars like this

it is working:

now to make it work I had to do some registry mangling (thankfully all could be wrapped in a bat and a reg file)

ouright, thats done and also showing up in the New…context menu in explorer. please check latest alphas.


Great Great ! thanks Joreg

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