World Matrix does not get set for shaders

I discovered a bug with the World matrix in shaders, which apparently does not get set and stays at the identity.

Using Renderdoc one can easily see that this is off:

The transformation here should be a scaling by 4, which is reflected in the WorldInverse but not in the World Matrix.

@tonfilm said:

this is indeed a bug, the world matrix doesnt get written in some cases

Matrix thread for reference:

here is a quick shader for tryout:

shader ConstantColorVSTextured_DrawFX : ConstantColor_DrawFX, Texturing
    float mix = 0.5;
    override stage void VSMain()
        streams.ShadingPosition = mul(streams.Position, WorldViewProjection); // works
        // float4 pos = mul(streams.Position, World);              // world matrix is ignored?
        // streams.ShadingPosition = mul(pos, ViewProjection);

        streams.Color = Texture0.SampleLevel(LinearSampler, streams.TexCoord, 0);
    override stage void PSMain() 
        float4 texColor = Texture0.Sample(LinearSampler, streams.TexCoord);
        streams.ColorTarget = lerp(streams.Color, texColor, mix);