Working with the Touch patch

Hi All, vvvv newbie here.
I attended the Node 15, and I am slowly getting to know vvvv, and liking it more and more :-)
I come from “normal” line based programming, so getting my head around the flow of vvvv (especially spreads) is sometimes a challenge, but im slowly learning.
I will probably use vvvv a lot with touch screens, and therefor I sat down and played arround with the Touch node.
I would like to have some more info about the touches, so I have tried to add some more functionality:

  • Frame offset: a spread with how much have each touch point moved since last frame
  • Start positions: a spread with the start position of each active touch.

The Frame offsets seems to work fine, the Start positions, turned out to be quite hard for me to figure out. I have made something that almost works, but when stressed just a bit, it is not updating the spread of the start positions as it should.

So if anybody could look at my patch and give me a hint to where I’m doing wrong, it would be great.

best regards and thx, Per (squaresquid)

my patch, problem is in the Start position area (41.0 kB)

1 save ur patches on main screen
2 what u do as frameoffsets can be replaced by framedifference node there are ways to get frame velocity
3 u might consider looking on patterntouch

@antokhio, thx for the help I have resaved to patch in my main screen (attached in this reply), sorry about that.
I have also simplified the frameoffset by using the framedifference, thx for the tip :-)
I will take a look at the patterntouch, again thanks for the tip :-)

my Patch, now saved on main screen (39.6 kB)