Working with tetrahedrons

Does anyone have any tips when working with tetrahedrons?

I’ve made a tetrahedron mesh that fits inside a unit cube, and I’m trying to work out what kind of transformations would help arrange copies of it where edges and faces match or meet, in order to make interesting structures.

It’s almost like I need a custom coordinate system with 4 axis, each perpendicular to a face. F knows how that might work :)

tetrahedron.v4p (11.1 kB)

hi mrboni,

i recently had a similar as your’s. I did some research and i came up with this:

i understand that that’s what you mean?

So… i think that one way this could be done is to apply the transformations (given from a spread) to the center of your tetrahdron so that the new center of your second tetrahdron is a vertice of your first tetrahedron.

But i have no clue how to that within spreads :D