Words2Letters > New node to animate Text Strings in a more interesting way :)

Hi everyone !

A quick message to know if any of you ever experimented converting a String to a spread of letters and to build a nice#easy patch to find the optimal letters positions to output it like the Text node does it for one string (with the Wordwrap feature)

I gave it a try but it still isn’t good enough :(

If any of you has already try something similar I’ll be very happy to discuss and improve my solution to share it after.

Here s an example in After effects:

(with some particles blending)

Would be awesome to be able to do it on generative text :)

(I still have some offsets and problems with the wordwrap calculation)

WordsToLetters_v1.v4p (29.6 kB)

GlyphInfo (String) and WordWrap (String) are the friends in this case

Thanks sebl !

I noticed during my tests that the wordwrap node and the wordwrap feature on the Text (EX9) node do not provide the same wrapping.

I guess I shouldn’t use the feature on the Text node then.

hm, depends on what you need… if you need your text as single characters (e.g. for “particling” them in), you have to patch your own wordwrap i guess.