Withinprojection DX11

I’m building a pretty simple program snippet, where a quad is following my mouse. This should work with all aspect ratios, of course.

In DX9 I just put a Within Projection (Transform) node anywhere in the placement nodestream and everything’s fine when I scale my output renderer window. My scaling is done after the positioning and the transformation correction and works as expected.

In DX11 the Within Projection (Transform) node has no effect, so there’s still an offset between the mouse and the quad. When I use the Within Projection (DX11.Layer) instead I have a problem with wrong aspect ratios in the scaling of the object, because the transform and scaling are both affected by the correction.

What’s the correct way of doing this in DX11? Thanks!

https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/11161 might help.