Wireless 'gamecontroller' needed

Do wireless controllers excist (bluetooth?) that I can use in vvvv? Any one tested it?

I know I can “Arduino” one, but why go the hard route, and I assume an out of the box product is cheaper anyway.

Don’t need anything fancy. And thnx again :)

hi West!

everything upright with you?

it should be possible to connect the Wiimote with GlovePie.

and not too kind regards to your brother ;)

Yeh, I am fine, rather busy, I wanted to use it to do some pan/tilt settings for some movingheads on my (still need to build) light desk I can take with me on small gigs.

I need to dig intoo glove pie and see what else it suports.


I have a Microsoft presenter 3000, we use it for powerpoint presentations.

But it works, without drivers, it just takes your mouse, so now I can patch something for my pan/tilt moving head tweaking, without running back and forth to my PC to see how the lights are set :)

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :)

thanks for sharing this , good to know .

You can butcher any cordless joystick… That’s what I did…